Agony and Growth


Agony and growth are the same one.


By agony, we learn truly important things.


The more agony we have, the more we learn.




Spiritual agony arises, because the mind is immature,


but by going through the agony, the mind learns,


transcends the agony itself and stands on the new horizon.




Suffering is hard.


However, the pabulum gained from suffering is treasure for us.


Through agony we learn our immaturity, pettiness and weakness,


and by feeling the agony from the bottom of the heart, we certainly grow.




Agony which falls upon you


is sometimes so heavy that it could almost squash you.


Such extremely heavy agony radically changes your life,


and shows you a new path of life.


That is the path you must step in.




Agony tries to teach you something.


It is the time and the trial given to you to learn,


and also the working of the universe to foster change of your life.




No agony is meaningless.


Agony in human-beings is one of the providence of the universe as well.


The agony would change your life and the state of your mind.




Agony is one of the workings of the universe to steer humans toward the truth.


The truth realized through deep agony is real.



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