Endless Pursuit


To live is to learn and pursue incessantly.

Do we learn ‘life’? Do we pursue it?

Or do we spend days just loosely?


Life without learning or pursuing is too immature.

We have infinite things to learn.

If we don’t lean or pursue anything, we would miss the great meaning of life.

What is life, the truth of living —?

Only those who always learn and pursue find it out.


If learning ends, the life stagnates there.

If pursuit ends, no new discovery is found.

The life without stagnation and the spirit which isn’t dead

deepen the pursuit and learning each moment.


Learning is necessary to understand freedom and problems of human mind.

Fear, anxiety, sorrow, conflict, anger, hostility —

What are the sources and causes of them? What are the structures of them?

When we understand it, we can solve the problems of mind for the first time.

If we don’t learn or understand, we would remain holding the struggles of mind.


Problems of human mind or freedom. And the truth, the existence of God.

Everything depends on whether each of us can tackle seriously.

Unless we can learn, pursue and deepen our understanding,

we would remain completely immature and ignorant.


The spirit which always learns and pursues is vivid

and doesn’t corrode or corrupt.

Only such spirit is full of creativeness of life,

and the creativeness brings in our new ways of being.

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