Great Silence


To encounter the mystery of the universe, silence is necessary.

If your mind is filled with words and thought, it doesn’t have silence.

Silence is not only to be away from noises,

but also to be in the state of tranquility.


If your mind is tied by something and rippling, it doesn’t have silence.

Without silence, you can’t face ‘life’ with the careful mind.

Only silent tranquil spirit can feel the mystery of life and the world.


If your mind is noisy,

you may not be able to see things in front of you clearly.

Your mind is full of various worries and affairs,

so you don’t have leeway or calmness to see and listen to the world clearly.


The universe is silent. Mystery is with the silence.

The mind which can feel the mystery is also full of great silence.


From the bottomless deep silence and tranquility,

you can feel the infinite fathomless energy.

The energy is the wisdom of the universe and is expanding endlessly.


The infinite depth of life is with great silence.

Deep silence discloses the mystery of life across time and space.

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