Spiritual Public Foundation (SPF)  Prospectus

Purpose, mission and hope we want to achieve

* We will standardize the technique of healing (especially holistic medical / substitute medical) field and the spiritual (inner world) field which social awareness is considered to be lacking, heighten its quality and enhance social recognition of this field.
The social challenge which Spiritual Public Foundation (SPF) wants to tackle is to enhance the awareness of healing and spiritual field. For the purpose, we will standardize teachings and to improve the quality of this field.

* We will do charity works and humanitarian activities based on healing and spiritual projects for benefits of overall international societies and show that this field can contribute to the world.
SPF carries out our intention of culture with high spirituality which values charity and mercy as actual activities.
For this purpose, we will positively assist financially, materially and in human resources.

Social background as the basement of necessity for the projects

* “Are the significance and utility of healing and spirituality well understood and recognized today in general?”
The word “spiritual” shows a kind of aspects of mental activities and living of humans, and it breathes in societies and individuals. They exist in various forms as growing and cultivating methods for human spirit like yoga or Qigong, as mental supports like spiritual teachings and religions, or as health enhancement methods like healing and Qigong.
Spiritual values are important for everyone. However, their significance and utility can not be said to be well understood in general.
For example, according to the wide-scale research using 30,000 people by National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) in the US in 2004, 62% of Americans have taken some kind of substitute medical such as herbs, health food, yoga, acupuncture or chiropractic and so on. The first and second of them are “prayer” to pray for their or others’ health and recovery. And the research result indicates that people over 65 years old who do such “prayer” treatment has a “less death rate by 46%” than those who don’t do it.
The significance and utility of such spiritual activities seem not to be very common in Japan as well. Besides, spiritual activities bring holistic significance and values to human living and lifestyles other than their values of merely health enhancement.

Additionally, along with understanding of healing or spirituality by people, it is also necessary for practitioners who offer them to try to improve the quality.
Our foundation considers such situation and acknowledges the necessity for healing and spirituality to be generally understood and recognized. We will make efforts to spread them in better understood forms to the world, through social projects.

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