Greetings from the Head Director


Greetings from the Head Director

“The healing (holistic remedy, alternative remedy) and spiritual (inner world, New Age etc.) field isn’t fairly evaluated despite its true value. This is partly because these treatments are not covered by insurance when they are used as therapy, and partly because it is socially underestimated at present. Our foundation will heighten the field of healing and spiritual to culture, study, science and art, and establish a universal position.”

“Besides, as workers of this field are lightworkers (people who spread love and light), our foundation will proactively do charity work and humanitarian activities. It can prove that the healing and spiritual can be used for charity work and humanitarian activities and that it can be a leader of overall social benefits. By lighworkers’ contribution to essential lightwork, they can simultaneously heighten their own social assessment.”

“If ‘Love is everything’, to prove that is our foundation’s purpose.”

Kiyotaka Aiuchi
Indian title: Maheshwara Maharish (Great Saint)
He started mediation when he was a schoolboy, and he has been meditated for more than 20 years.
He spent more than 15 years and a half pursuing spiritual practices abroad.
More than 14 years have passed since he arrived in India.
He has over 10 years career in the healing and spiritual field.
He is a president of Divine Soul Co. Ltd.
The company’s brand owns ‘Indian Mystery Temple -bongaren-‘
and ‘Spiritual Salon, Divine Soul’.
He is the author of ‘How to Win the Reincarnation Game with God’,
‘Encounter the Truth of the Universe through Six Great Samskara’
and ‘To the Way of Light – What is the Clear Basement?’.
His new books will be published in the coming autumn and winter.

He received the title of Maharish (Great Saint) together with his wife and Twin Souls Award.
At the festival in the capital city Delhi, India, on 18 June, 2011, he got the title of Maharish (Great Saint) from various organizations,
as his Indian yoga training and social contribution for many years were approved.
The organizations approved them were: Sumiran Trust (publicly approved by the Government of India), Lucknow Temple(U.P.), All India Tantrik Society and so on.
At the same time, Kiyotaka Aiuchi got the name of Maheshwara (Daijizaiten), and Kako Aiuchi, his wife, got the name of Maheshwari (Holy wife of Daijizaiten).
Since then, he identifies himself as Maheshwara Maharish, and his wife as Maheshwari Maharish. As their worldly names in Japan, they use Kiyotaka Aiuchi and Kako Aiuchi.

Certification of Honor as Maharish

This is a part of the certification for the title of ‘Great Saint’

— The contents are as follows:
1. “We give these titles to them forever.”
2. “This is the first time in our history to give the title of ‘Great Saint’ to foreigners.”
3. “Besides, it is the first time even in this country that a husband and a wife receive this honor together.”
4. “Hereafter they may use this title everywhere.”
5. “We pray for their further contribution as messengers and spiritual enlightenment.”

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