Outline of Foundation


Outline of Foundation

Name of Foundation

General Foundation (Nonprofit corporation)  Spiritual Public Foundation (SPF)


Approved by The Ministry of Health and Welfare

Officially authorized and approved by Japan Association for Pharmaceutical Affaires Law Foundation (JAPAL)


We applied for a public-service incorporated foundation with fulfilling all the 18 conditions to be approved as a public-service corporation.


Our Philosophy

We heighten healing and spiritual to the world culture and do charity works and humanitarian activities for the overall international society benefit.


Date of Establishment

August, 2011


Prospectus of Establishment


* To widen the circle of healing (especially holistic medical and substitute medical) and spiritual (inner world) around the globe, and to realize the communication beyond national borders with this new association of high spirituality.


* To reduce wars as less as possible and to create peace as much as possible by the communication of high spirituality beyond national borders.


* To heighten the healing and spiritual field to study, science, culture and art in this world.


* To do charity works and humanitarian activities as public benefit (benefit for all societies) in the healing and spiritual field.


* To realize social recognition of the healing and spiritual field and to lift the social status of it.


* To awaken improvement of technology and cultural development of the healing and spiritual field.


* To standardize the teachings of the healing and spiritual field and improve practitioners’ quality.



Purpose of establishment / projects


* Promotion of study and science

* Promotion of culture and art

* Assist for disability people, the poor, accident / disaster / criminal victims

* Improving well-being of the elderly

* Assist for unemployed people who want to work

* Improvement of public hygiene

* Sound upbringing children and youth

* Contribution to develop people’s sound mind and body and cultivate rich personality through education and sport

* Prevention of crime and maintenance of security

* Prevention of accident and disaster

* Prevention and eradication of unjustifiable discrimination and prejudice by race, gender and other reasons

* Respect and protection for freedom of thought / conscious / religion / expression

* Promotion of forming gender equal society and other better societies

* Promotion of international mutual understanding and economic assistance for developing countries abroad

* Conservation of global environment, and protection and maintenance of natural environment

* Utilization, maintenance and conservation of national land

* Contribution to sound managing of the national politics

* Sound development of local communities

* Improving and stabilization of people’s living by securing / promoting / activating opportunities for equal and free economic activities

* Securing stable supply of indispensable commodities, energy etc. for people’s living

* Protection and promotion of benefits to general consumers

* Other projects designated by a separate ordinance as projects concerning the public benefits besides the above


List of our Administrators

Head Director : Kiyotaka Aiuchi (Indian title: Maheshwara Maharishi) > Greetings from the Head Director

Executive Director: Kako Aiuchi (Indian title: Maheshwari Maharishi) > Greetings from the Executive Director

Commissioner: Takashi Ikeda (Lawyer) > Greetings from the Commissioner

Commissioner: Takako Shiba (Doctor) > Greetings from the Commissioner

Commissioner: Ritsuko Shima (Yoga Master) > Greetings from the Commissioner

Commissioner: Yusuke Shiba (Spiritual Leader) > Greetings from the Commissioner

Consultant: Shri Surender Saxena (Indian Spiritual Master)

Consultant: Anju Tandon (Indian Leader of Volunteer Actitivies)

Councilor: 3

Auditor-Secretary: 1


For more information, please see :

Greetings from the Head Director

Greetings from the Executive Director


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